Hello there. I'm Will.

I love to create mobile experiences

UX and Visual Design

A Midwesterner at heart, my design aesthetic lies in simplicity - clean, open layouts; typography that communicates; and iconography which clarifies instead of cluttering. I strongly believe in design with intent.

With a decade of experience, I have touched a number of brands, and made them better.

Starting in the business-to-business area with Slack Barshinger, I took on a number of challenges with clients such as AON, PMMI, and Tellabs.

From there I moved into the mobile space with Motorola Mobility. With them, I focused my talents on mobile device experiences where I became an early adopter of the Android platform.

Landing out west, I find myself crafting visuals with Barnes & Noble: NOOK Media, where I bring outstanding reading experiences to users across the globe.

Where do I shine?

My bread and butter



I had fun making these


Concept for an iOS 7 application. “fix’d” is used for skid spot and gear inch calculation and timing laps around the track.  

Barnes & Noble: Nook GlowLight™ UI Design

Updated the look and feel of the NOOK GlowLight™ UI with new fonts and optimized layouts for a higher resolution EDP device. Produced 6 vector “Tree” wallpapers that shipped with the device.


Lead designer on Music, Newspaper, and Lock Screen applications.

Motorola - Vector Rendered Device Icons

These icons were generated in Adobe Illustrator. They are seen on a desktop when plugged into a computer, and were utilized by the marketing team for advertisements.

Motorola SimpleTouch Icons

Inbox, Dialer, Recent Calls, Games, Applications, and Contacts. These were created in Adobe Illustrator.

Motorola LOOK10 - DroidX2

I worked within a small team of designers to create the 2010 look and feel of Motorola mobile devices. This included all of the skin piece and icons. After concepting was complete, I collaborated with engineers to get this design implemented as close to the initial designs as possible. 

InstantAuditor Logo Design

Worked with a small startup to develop a logo for their new mForm application.

NEC “It’s Just Cool.” Concept

This was a new business pitch I concepted on while at Slack Barshinger. The concept “It’s Just Cool” was formed to emphasize the many “cool” features the NEC Omnifuntion Display has. I used typography and vivid colors to engage the user in a unique Flash experience demonstrating the displays features.


My moniker in the low-brow art world. Artillery (art-illery) is the thought or idea of being bombarded with colors and imagery, forcing you to observe and question. I use a variety of mediums including; stencil, spraypaint, acrylics, screen printing and gel transfer. Artillery has been featured in advertising and promotions by a few major brands (1800 Tequila, Burger King) around the Chicago area.

BK Studios Event sponsored by Burger King

Commissioned by Burger King to paint a mural, design crowns and paint Nike Air Force Ones for an event inside a pop-up venue located in the Wicker Park neighborhood, in Chicago, IL. Owner of Stones Throw records, Peanut Butter Wolf, played a DJ set for the event. 

Artillery - 1800 Tequila - Proximo Spirits

Was picked to be in a group of artists featured for the inaugural 1800 Essential Artist marketing campaign. My artwork was featured on limited-run bottles, magazine and billboards.

A Day In the Life

Short GoPro video I put together showing a day in the life.

Music: Parts & Labor - The Great Divide

Brands I've made better

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